Cat & Dog Ultrasound & X-Ray

Our animal hospitals in Apopka and Sorrento use advanced X-ray and ultrasound technology to give dogs and cats the very best care. Making sure your companion is staying healthy and being able to detect illness at an early stage is a major advantage for us and something we’re extremely proud of. As your pet’s trusted veterinarian, we hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to diagnosing and treating our patients. With cat and dog ultrasound and x-ray technology, we can evaluate your pet’s health on a much deeper level.

dog ultrasound and x-ray in apopka and sorrento, fl

How X-rays Benefit Dogs and Cats

X-rays (radiology) are an indispensable part of veterinary medicine. While X-rays are the ideal method for diagnosing broken bones, they actually have plenty of other uses, as well. This includes evaluating pets that are experiencing vomiting, difficulty breathing, and urinary issues. We also typically perform X-rays before orthopedic procedures.

At Central Florida Vets, we use a portable X-ray machine that can be moved into the surgery suite—rather than moving your pet, our X-ray machine can be brought to them. Furthermore, all X-ray images are reviewed by a board-certified radiologist. This allows us to get as much information as possible about your pet’s condition so we can treat it properly.