Success Stories

success stories in apopka, fl

I am a Golden Doodle and started my life as a breeder dog at quite a renowned kennel near Tampa. I had 3 litters, and my claim to fame is that John Travolta has 2 of my puppies!

I arrived at my "forever home" when I was 6 years old. My mom had just lost her Standard Poodle and was looking for a new companion. Lo and behold, she called my kennel, came to see me the next day, and brought me home the same day.

I had a few problems--I would not perform my daily duties on a leash. However, in a year's time and with lots of love, I was performing with the best of them!

I started feeling poorly about 2 years ago. Dr. Greer and his staff diagnosed me with either a cyst or a tumor on one of my kidneys. This tumor would fill with liquid and had to be drained every 6 months. Dr. Greer had to order extra-long needles to aspirate my tumor. The good doctor said he had never seen anything like this in his 35 years of practice!

Well, we continued aspirating the tumor until the first part of 2017, when it turned into a solid mass!
The case scenario now would be to get rid of the tumor. Being a senior citizen, we did not know how well I would tolerate the surgery. Oh yes, and the tumor was not cancerous!

I was operated on about a month ago. The good doctors even took me home with them for a couple of nights to watch over me.

The operation was a complete success, and I want to thank the doctors and staff for putting a renewed spring in my step and a song in my Heart!!!
--With Love & Gratitude, Halle Berry

I brought my cat Hunter into your facility on Saturday, 10/19/13. He was sick and your staff was AMAZING!!!! I have to give a million thumbs up to Angela. She was running the desk and helping the doctor while Jody, I believe is her name was out for a bite for lunch. Everyone was so very kind and treated us and my kitty with nothing but respect and love. My cat even messed in his cage and they gave us a towel to put in there and a bag to put our blanket into. Then they gave us an estimate before giving Hunter his shots so we had no surprise costs. I was very very impressed with the whole experience. Thank you again for taking care of my cat. He is on his way to recovering.
-- Sincerely, Suzanne Howell

cat taking a nap

Our dogs, Spaten and Astra can't wait to go to "camp" every day. As soon as they hear “who wants to go camp” – they run for the car!! We are very pleased with the friendly service and professional care. We are always comfortable in feeling that our dogs are safe, loved and well cared for by everyone at the Pet Care Center of Apopka – whether it’s just for the day or if we’re out of town. We credit Pet Care Center with keeping our large, sometimes intimidating dogs, socialized and friendly.
-- Ian & DeAnna Morison, Happy Clients for over 15 years

My name is Lexie Marie Partridge and I love Pet Care Center! It is my home away from home!

I came to Florida almost 5 years ago. I came to Pet Care for my yearly checkup and have been coming here ever since! The people all know me and love me. They take good care of me - giving me treats (which I love), taking me on nature walks, getting baths and sometimes they let me get in the pool.

When my parents go out of town I always stay here. I feel safe because if something happened to me my doctors are right here. They will make sure I am always okay.

In my spare time I put my "Georgia Bulldog" jersey on and my Dad and I go to the back porch and watch the game.

I am actually from Nashville, TN, but when I think of shoveling snow I am extremely glad that I came to live in Florida. If you need a place to hang out when your family is away or you just feel like spending the day with your "dog friends" please check out Pet Care in Apopka. I bet you will love it as much as I do! It is always a fun day and you go home exhausted!

dog watching tv
dog in a pool

I would like to say what an awesome job the staff does taking care of my dog Annie. All of the staff is really top-notch-the Best of the Best! The day boarding really helps to keep her in shape with the lovely nature walks and the wonderful swimming pool. With my busy lifestyle I don't always have the time to exercise her so that is why I try and come once a week. And your employee Belen (who runs the day boarding facility) one of the kindest people I have ever met! My dog Annie is so happy when she goes for day boarding, and when she is happy so am I! Smile
--Lisa McClung