Cat & Dog Spay and Neuter in Apopka, FL

Each year, thousands of cats and dogs are euthanized – not because anything is wrong with them, but because there aren’t enough forever-homes available. You can help change this by having your female pet spayed, and your male pet neutered. Spay and neuter surgery is the most effective and humane way to prevent pet overpopulation and give shelter animals a chance to find a loving home. Call us at (407) 884-8924 to schedule your pet's procedure.

spay and neuter in apopka, fl
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Health and Behavioral Benefits

Our practice is fully equipped to perform spaying and neutering procedures, and we would be happy to not only perform these services for your pet, but guide you with proper post-surgical care instructions so your pet will be comfortable and pain-free while they recover at home. Not only will spay and neuter surgery help reduce pet overpopulation, there are also many health and behavioral benefits to these procedures:

  • Increased lifespan
  • Prevention of testicular cancer and certain prostate problems in males
  • Prevention of uterine infections and breast tumors in females
  • Female pets won’t go into heat
  • Male pets are less likely to roam
  • Reduced aggression in male pets

With spaying and neutering, you can improve your pet’s quality of life and help reduce pet overpopulation at the same time. For more information about this service, call us today at (407) 884-8924.