How does pet boarding at Pet Care Center of Apopka work?

Making sure your pet is prepared to spend time with people and other animals is the first step in scheduling a boarding stay at our veterinarian facility. During your pet’s stay, we can provide any necessary updates to any core immunizations or new vaccinations against infectious diseases like kennel cough or rabies. Please inform us if your pet needs any specific medical attention so that we can provide the best care throughout their stay. Bring his favorite blanket or stuffed animal if you want to help us make him feel perfectly at home. Make these plans and reserve your pet’s stay as far in advance as you can during peak travel times.

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Why board your pet with Pet Care Center of Apopka?

Why should you board your pet with us rather than having a dependable friend or neighbor check on her daily to give her a meal? The fact that your pet spends most of the time alone makes even a brief interaction with another person of little consolation. This may result in separation anxiety, which can cause mental distress and negative conduct. Pets can also have unexpected medical emergencies that might go missed if they weren’t in a veterinary boarding facility. Some animals can even require 24-hour medical care.

All of these concerns can be taken care of by the Pet Care Center of Apopka. Comfortable surroundings, regular meals, and as much interaction with our staff as your pet desires are all provided for him. We can see to it that your pet receives any additional specialized care he may need, as well as his regular medication. If something unexpected happens, our veterinarian can diagnose the situation right away and treat the patient right away with efficient care. Your pet will be aware that he is in a nice, secure, and comforting area, and you will be aware of it as well.