Good Deed of the Month

The Altizer family have been seeing Dr Greer and Annie Greer for over 25 years!

They have had so many wonderful pets and provided the best of homes for all of them.  Sadly, their beloved adopted pet Spock developed a fatal lung issue and crossed the bridge a little while ago leaving a big hole in their hearts and no companion for Sabrina the Peke.

They asked Annie to find a dog.  Annie has close contact with A New Beginning and talked it over with Debbie Bruno.  Clementine (now Cookie) was selected as a good candidate.  She’s 4 years old, and is sadly missing an eye from an unknown incident.  They met in the parkland at Pet Care Center of Apopka....and the rest is history!

Please salute both the Altizer family and A New Beginning for all they do! If you would like to help find a good dog match for your home, Annie is a behavior specialist and expert at finding the right dog for YOUR family.

Let's welcome the beautiful Cookie (previously Clementine) to our Pet Care Family!  If you would like to nominate someone for the Good Deed of the month, please e-mail

good deed of the month cookie