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East Lake Animal Clinic (352) 735-2882

Our Casselberry Area Vets Care for Pets

If you’re a proud dog or cat owner in the Casselberry area, you’re in luck. This is because the next time your furry friend needs medical care, you have your choice of three facilities provided by Central Florida Vets. No matter which hospital you choose for your pet, they will be in the best of care with our Casselberry area vets. They will provide treatment tailored towards your pet’s individual needs and keep you continually informed about their care. Through it all, our Casselberry area vets will treat you and your pet with compassion. With care from Central Florida Vets, your pets will live long, healthy lives.

Outside our animal hospital: Casselberry Vets

Our Veterinary Services

No matter which facility you visit, Central Florida Vets provides the same great services for your pets. Here’s the kind of care they will receive from our Casselberry area vets:

  • Wellness medicine, which includes exams once-or-twice a year, vaccinations, and preventive measures, such as heartworm prevention, and flea and tick control
  • Diagnostic testing, including blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, fecal tests, and urinalyses
  • Cardiac monitoring with an EKG.
  • Dental services and advanced dental care
  • Pet chemotherapy and cancer care
  • Pet surgical procedures ranging from major orthopedic trauma to soft tissue surgeries and tumor removals
  • Surgical laser therapies
  • Alternative veterinary medicine, including cold or low level specific frequency laser and pulsed signal therapies

In addition to medical care being provided at three facilities, you can also bring your pets for boarding at The Pet Resort of Apopka. Whether you want to have them spend a day or week, we think your furry friends will have a great time in this paradise. Some of the many amenities they will experience are six acres of land, a swimming pool, and kenneling with raised flooring. Each guest will have their own private patio, too. It’s a vacation even humans would envy, and all for a reasonable price!

If you’re in the Casselberry area and want to utilize the care of Central Florida Vets, contact any of our three facilities for an appointment.


Central Florida Vets

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