Are you getting ready for a road trip? If you’re bringing your best friend with you, it’s important to be prepared! Some pets travel well, but others may experience anxiety or motion sickness, in addition to the general discomfort that is often associated with a new experience of any kind.

At Central Florida Vets, we make your pet’s needs our priority and we have a few tips for traveling with a pet.

  1. If your pet is experiencing motion sickness or anxiety (which is often the cause of car sickness) in the car, talk with us about how to handle it before your trip. This way, you can practice using medications or other anxiety intervention options and make sure that your pet is comfortable and happy for their trip!
  2. Give your pet their own space in the vehicle. Generally, a travel crate is the preferred option for most traveling pets as they get to have their own familiar space. Pet owners often prefer crates too because then their pet can’t wander all over the vehicle. Just make sure they are secured in the event of an accident!
  3. Pack for your pet’s needs. Be sure to have enough food, medication, water, etc. for the duration of your trip. If your pet needs preventive medicines during the trip, make sure you bring those with you also. It can be helpful to have a copy of your pet’s medical records and their microchip identification number available in the event of any emergencies on the trip.

Is your road trip coming up? Be sure to think about your pet as you plan your vacation. Talk with our team if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s safety and enjoyment. We want your whole family to have a great—and safe—time!