Antifreeze Danger

Did you know that antifreeze is poisonous for cats and dogs? Pets may be attracted to the chemical because of its sweet taste and smell, so it’s important to keep it stored out of their reach and wipe up any spills on your driveway or garage floor!


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All Paws Pet Talk: Vectra3D

We are having an incredible special on Vectra3D, the best topical product for fleas and ticks. Ticks are a year round issue in our area and they increase this time of year due to climate as well as being brought in with mulch and Christmas trees. Buy three months of Vectra3D and get three FREE! This is a 50% discount, not to be missed. Listen to the All Paws Pet Talk radio show for an interview with our very own Annie Greer and Dr. Elizabeth Hodgekins, Director of Vet Services with Ceva, the company who makes Vectra3D!