Longwood Veterinary Hospital

Our Longwood Veterinary Hospital Is a Staple

Central Florida Vets gives pets and owners the option of three different veterinary hospitals to visit for medical care. One of them, River Oaks Animal Hospital, has quite the history. This Longwood veterinary hospital was founded by Dr. Kent Greer and his wife Annie back in 1985. Throughout the years as it has advanced in services and technology, it has become a kind of staple in Longwood. Pets receive care in various areas, ranging from checkups to orthopedic manipulation, which River Oaks Animal Hospital is a leading source of in Central Florida.

This Longwood veterinary hospital doesn’t just care for dogs and cats. Dr. Greer has cared for a wide variety of animals which include lions, tigers, zebras, and antelope. As you can see, this is not an ordinary kind of veterinary office. Come and check out River Oaks Animal Hospital soon!

Our Veterinary Services

This Longwood veterinary hospital provides the following services for all pets:

If you’d like to bring your pet to River Oaks Animal Hospital, contact us at 407-774-1515 for an appointment.

River Oaks Animal Hospital
Phone: 407-774-1515
Pet Care Center of Apopka
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East Lake Animal Clinic
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