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As you will have seen on local news there has been a recent outbreak of Canine Influenza in Central Florida. This outbreak originated in Georgia and was brought into Central Florida two weeks ago. Since then, there have been several confirmed cases.

This strain is for the H3N2 virus. No animal will have immunity and MUST get vaccinated immediately if you take your dog to meet other dogs ( dog parks etc) and if you are boarding.

Please note EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY all boarders will require the bivalent Influenza vaccine strain. This vaccine covers BOTH strains of Influenza. The first shot will require a booster in 3 weeks. Thereafter it is required on an annual basis. We have assurances from our Manufacturer that we will have the vaccine available, but in light of the mass need, we have taken steps to procure an abundant supply.

Please call IMMEDIATELY to make an appointment. Dogs may be silent carriers and in the most infectious period may not show signs of infection. The virus can also be carried on clothing.

If you have a coughing dog please alert our receptionist ahead of time so your pet can be isolated. Quarantine is 21 days. All testing can be done with results back in about 4 days.

Canine influenza virus is highly contagious, so be sure to have your pet vaccinated as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us right away.

For more information please visit this link:

Please pass this message on to any dog owner.

If you’ve ever felt guilty about leaving your pet at a boarding kennel or having to use doggie daycare while you go on vacation or to work, then you haven’t visited Apopka’s luxury pet resort on Rock Springs Road, The Pet Resort of Apopka. Three years of meticulous planning and construction means you immediately feel a sense of calm and beauty as you arrive at this beautifully landscaped property.

Our Boarding Accommodations

With six acres to play or go for a nature walk, plus a swimming pool, this is the ultimate in luxury and comfort. We also provide state of the art kenneling incorporating raised flooring, and with each bedroom area having its own private patio, you can be sure that your pet is very secure and comfortable; the recreational areas and activities will challenge his mind and body and banish any holiday blues. Chances are you will think he may have a better vacation than you and you may find he is reluctant to go home after making new vacation friends.

Both day care and doggie vacationers will enjoy the 35 x 24 foot pool that slopes gently from both ends to a maximum depth of 3’ 6”. Think “Club Lab” and that pretty much sums it up.

Pet Boarding Prices

Along with a luxurious experience for your pet, our pet resort also offers affordable pricing:

Standard Boarding Rate: $24/night

Holiday Boarding Rate: $28/night

Scheduled holidays include: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day


Join Our Pet Park Club

Want to be a member of Park Club? All dogs will be professionally evaluated for good temperament and health records will be required before entry will be allowed. This doggie walkabout area will be strictly for those pets that meet all these criteria.

Drop Off Your Dog for Doggy Daycare

Need doggy day care? Very reasonable rates ensure that you will want to take advantage of this doggy sanctuary. Go to work and know your couch and shoes are safe for the day. Early drop off times and late pick up allow most workers to make this a feasible and convenient option. If you have always wanted to be able to let your dogs run through the woods without being on a leash, but not become part of a free for all that so often happens at unsupervised public parks, then call them at 407-884-8924 and take a tour. Bring Fido along and you will soon forget your problems as you stroll through the amazing grounds that still retain a very natural look. And best of all, your pet will probably come home and sleep the rest of the day and night.

All our clinics have a boarding facility, including luxury suites at  River Oaks Animal Hospital. Please pick the one that suits your pet’s needs and give us a call. We will be happy to give your pet a great vacation.

River Oaks Animal Hospital
Phone: 407-774-1515
Pet Care Center of Apopka
Phone: 407-884-8924
East Lake Animal Clinic
Phone: 352-735-2882