As wife of Dr. Greer and manager of the practices, Annie wears many hats including marketing, promotions, and is a certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner. She is also a published author, speaker and radio show host of a widely syndicated national show “All Paws Pet Talk”. Living on the farm, and trying to help as many injured animals as possible, there is not enough room to list all the pets that share her life but she spends the most time with Bridget, Lucy, Luke and Daisy the dogs, Scotty the cat, and Hope the bird. Catch her if you can! She is rarely sitting down!



As the daughter/stepdaughter to the Greers, Becky has had no choice but to dedicate her life to the practice, and has been an animal caretaker to many species including bears, lions and tigers as well as new born kittens! She is the Manager at Pet Care Center of Apopka and likes nothing better than sending e-mail pictures to parents of vacationing pets. She is known for her extreme organizing skills, perfect for running this busy Hospital/Resort. She was married in 2011, and has recently welcomed her new baby girl, Paisley Kylie Bishop into the world. Becky is also momma to Brewski, Libby, Tikiman, and Stewart the dogs, as well as whatever animal is being fostered at the time. We would all like to welcome Becky back to work at the Pet Care Center of Apopka... we know how much she has been missed!



As the angel dealing with administrative/office tasks, Jackie has been a member of staff since 2003, but also a client of Dr Greer’s since 1980! She keeps us all on a straight and narrow administrative path and is invaluable in her contribution.

Momma to Shelby, Jesse and Sherman the dogs she also loves riding her new horse, Lance.Camera shy Jackie figured you would rather look at pitbull Sherman the Tank, then her. We disagree but ....she runs the book keeping so we don't argue!

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