Kennel Attendants: Antoinette, Tabitha, Kaitlyn, Doryn, Vianca, Scott, Amanda, Kass


Our kennel attendants are your pet’s own personal concierge for the day or vacation stay. They are invaluable as they attend to the bathing, walking and general husbandry of the furry pals under their care. Very often we rely on their intimate knowledge of your pet to be the first ones to notice if their behavior, appetite or general health is not up to par. We only employ attendants whose love of pets is genuine and who have unending patience and energy! Very often they will develop deep bonds with regular patients and you will see your pet very happy to run and greet them.

Our kennel attendants then go home to take over the care of their own pets which vary from dogs to show rabbits. Rest assured. Your pet is in good hands.

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